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More challenging multiple choice selections needed

I think it would be more helpful for learning if, when given a multiple choice answer selection for an audio clip or hanzi or pinyin, that the choices include some that have - different tones of the same pinyin spelling, - or different characters with similar roots, but different radicals, - or similar tones but different pinyin spellings.
All of the choices are always so drastically different, that it is too obvious which of the possible answers is correct. It should force you to distinguish between more nuanced differences, so you can tell if you really have learned it.

December 1, 2017



I agree, especially the ones that show a single character with voice pronunciation and 3-4 pinyin options. I go through those so fast and they don't seem very helpful because the answer is too obvious. It would be more helpful if the pinyin answers were always similar sounding but with different tones.

Also I think there need to be more listening exercises that don't show any characters and require you to transcribe. I can't really tell if I'm learning to hear the difference in tones or not because they literally always show the characters at the same time.


It's also really easy to simply cheat on the multiple choice questions that ask you to match characters to pinyin. When you click on a character, a sound clip plays: if you're asked to match some pinyin to a character, you could just click on the options until you find the one that sounds right.

As opposed to if you were given a definition and asked to identify the character. Being asked to find "You" among 你, 我, 他, 她 is much more of a challenge than being asked to find nǐ among those characters when each of them will just pronounce itself, and only one sounds like nǐ.

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