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  5. "I am not fine now."

"I am not fine now."

Translation:Bây giờ tôi không khoẻ.

December 1, 2017



To đang, or not to đang? That is the câu hỏi.

June 2, 2018


not to đang. that is my câu trả lời.

you're not in the continuous state of not being fine, you're just not fine. even in a positive sentence, "đang" is not used as often as you might think. VNmese is heavily based on context and is much more flexible in its structure, its syntax. I would probably just use "đang khỏe" in a situation I mean "I was fine [when suddenly sthg happened]". (yes, I purposely wrote in the past tense).

October 11, 2018


'Tôi thấy không khoẻ bây giờ.' is what the answer says. Anybody know what the "thấy" is doing there??? I wrote Tôi không khoẻ bây giờ" and it did not accept that.

December 1, 2017


As 20Xray said, "thấy" here means "to feel". Actually it's not wrong to omit it, yet one would rather place "bây giờ" at the begin of the sentence (Bây giờ tôi không khoẻ.) or probably after subject (Tôi bây giờ không khoẻ.).

December 1, 2017


But bây giờ is perfectly fine at the end of most sentences...why at the start here?

May 23, 2018


Bây giờ works at either end. In english:

"Now, I don't feel well."


"I don't feel well now."

November 9, 2018


"Tôi không khoẻ bây giờ" is not accepted still, is "Tôi không khoẻ" not a great way to say it? (2019-05-10)

May 10, 2019


I'm not looking/feeling healthy, I don't look/feel fit

September 2, 2018


Oh you poor one, you should rest, then... :p

September 7, 2018


I used "hiện tại" and told to add thấy. Why is that not done with "bây giờ"?

May 1, 2018


I personally prefer "bây giờ" over "hiện tại" in this sentence. however there's no reason it would mark wrong because of "không (thấy) khỏe". both answers, with and without thấy, mean quite the same: "not feeling well" vs "not being well". I think their database is just incomplete.

October 11, 2018


Why isn't "Hiện tại tôi không khỏe" correct?

May 18, 2019


Are "hien tai" and "bay gio" interchangeable?

September 18, 2018


I tend to say no. "bây giờ" is an adverb of time; and although "hiện tại" can also act as an adverb, it is usually used as a noun or an adjective.

October 11, 2018


Bây giờ and hiện tại have both been accepted in a number of sentences. Suddenly in this sentence hiện tại is wrong. What is the logic of this?

May 28, 2019


None of... report it (see comments above)

May 28, 2019


Bây giờ is not accepted at the end. Why?

July 5, 2019


Plus, hiện tại at the beginning is neither accepted

July 5, 2019


Is "Tôi không khỏe bây giờ." wrong?

September 28, 2019


Why isnt "toi khong khoe bay gio" accepted?

June 22, 2019


Why isn't "Bây giờ tôi không ổn" acceptable?

October 7, 2018


Thanks for the explanation.

September 16, 2018


Hiện tại tôi không khoẻ

October 27, 2019


'Tôi không khỏe bây giờ', is marked a wrong. Is this really incorrect?

December 6, 2019
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