"But who is going to keep the children?"

Translation:Mais qui va garder les enfants ?

December 1, 2017

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Doesn't this mean "Who will babysit the children?" In English, we might say "Who will watch the children?" But if we used the word "keep" we would mean something like "Who will get custody of the children?" But in fact we would probably never use the word "keep" in a sentence like this, no matter what it means.


Well, actually in French, the phrase garder les enfants can mean both watch the children or get custody of the children. Of course, this particular sentence feels more like they speak about babysitting, but a sentence like La mère garde les enfants can both mean The mother watches the children or The mother gets custody of the children.


I agree that the wording of the English sentence is unnatural - it should be phrased as Who is going to look after the children?. See here

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