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Korean keyboard on mobile

Hi! I'm loving the Korean course, but I was wondering if there is an option to type words in English and Korean on the mobile app. The desktop version ONLY has the option to type everything in both languages, which I find more useful for remembering the vocabulary. But the mobile app only occasionally lets you type in English and NEVER in Korean, you just pick from random word options to complete the sentences. Is there a way of turning this on? Thanks!

December 1, 2017

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As a work-around, try using going to duolingo.com in your mobile web browser instead of using the app.

The experience is not quite as polished, but the lack of being able to keyboard input Korean makes learning Korean a lot less effective. I find that I have to go back and redo old lessons. I am considering deleting all my progress and starting over...

The Korean keyboard input worked briefly for my iOS app (probably for some sort of testing) but then disappeared. Then I found that website always has Korean keyboard input, but now I can't do my lessons whenever I am waiting somewhere. I just realized that the mobile website has the Korean keyboard input, so hopefully that is a work-around until they fix the darn app.

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