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New clubs thing

What is the new ‘post a caption’ thing in clubs?

December 1, 2017



Where? IOS?
Sounds not familiar to me as a PT club-admin on the Android app.

Screenshot please!!


Hi Qwertytops. I think it is supposed to encourage people to be more active in the clubs, and use their target languages in the clubs. I don't know what your clubs are like but most of the ones I have joined, the members in them are not very active at all. I have tried club hopping to find some active ones, but it's mostly the same silent treatment. So perhaps this new feature is a small wake up call for clubs users.

I use iOS. The first one I noticed is one where 'Duo asked a question', in the language of each club, but the question is the same in different clubs. For example, the English from Spanish club, it is 'Where are you from and why are you learning English?' In the Spanish from English club, it is ¿De dónde eres y por qué estás aprendiendo español? I notice they are available in the beta languages Korean, Japanese and Chinese too.

The second one is a 'Caption this image' and there is a picture of a waiter holding a plate of food. This one so far, I can only see in my Spanish and English clubs.


I have seen the same in m French club as well.

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