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  5. "Dostaneš se někdy do Prahy?"

"Dostaneš se někdy do Prahy?"

Translation:Will you get to Prague sometime?

December 1, 2017



Would "Will you ever get to Prague" work?


i believe it should. added


The verb "to get" is pretty lame. "to go" or "to come" would be much better.


But would not correspond to dostaneš se at all.


To reach seems to work in some cases but not always.


FWIW, I interpret this sentence as meaning, "Will you ever, at some point in your life, be in/visit Prague?" While if "reach" is used instead of "get to," I would interpret the sentence as meaning "Will you EVER arrive in Prague, since you have been traveling for such a long time already?" But this is just one person's opinion, and not that of a native Czech speaker, so I don't know whether "reach" would fit the meaning of the verb in the Czech sentence.

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