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You are welcome in German ??

Hi ! How to say you are welcome in German. I searched Google translate but it wasn't right ( something told me that translation is wrong ). Help me please! Danke schön !!

December 1, 2017



Hi Micheal,

Sue told you already the common translations. Sometimes you can also hear 'Bitte schön' and 'Bitte sehr' as a more polite version of the simple 'Bitte' but it means the same.

Best regards Angel


We don't really have a literal equivalent, but many other possible sentences.

  • "Bitte" - literally "please", and very common here, especially if it's a small thing like passing something at the table.
  • "Gern geschehen!" or short "Gerne!" - literally "It happened gladly". so it's a sort "with pleasure"
  • "Nichts zu danken!" - "nothing to say thanks about" so like "don't mention it"
  • "Keine Ursache!" - literally "no reason!"


Danke schon, tiramisues ! P/S : I can not write the umlaut because my computer has some problems :)


Hi, Micheal,

we have also another expression for that, sorry I forgot.

'Nicht der Rede wert' / 'Ist doch nicht der Rede wert' coll.

It sounds a little bit weird because it is an rather old expression but you can still hear very often. I would translate it with 'Don't mention it'

Best regards Angel

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