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"Z matčiny kuchyně mi chutná všechno."

Translation:I like everything from my mother's kitchen.

December 1, 2017



This might mean both "from my mother’s kitchen" or "of my mother’s cuisine", right?


Technically shouldn't "from mother's /mom's kitchen" also work? I got confused because the possessive pronoun isn't there and I'm English in certain situations, you wouldn't use one.


For me it sounds better in English to use 'my' with 'mother' though I don't think it would matter so much with 'mum'/'mom', but the point is, I suppose that in Czech it's not necessary to use 'my'.


I said "I like everything from my mom's kitchen" and it was marked as wrong. What a debacle.


Matka is quite formal in Czech - hence mother, not mom.


Great if we are nitpicking this thing, while this lesson is not about formal or informal (which I think it's quite weird to talk about your mother formally in this kind of sentence). I am fine but this cost one heart in Duolingo which is a rip off, hence debacle.


"I like all of my mother's cooking” was my natural translation.


That's a good rendering, I've added it.

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