Mia ragazza

Could the words “la mia ragazza” also be used to refer to a daughter? Or does it exclusively refer to a girlfriend?

For example, in this context, a person with a son and a daughter.

“In questi giorni sono coi miei figli... Tra il lavoro e i loro impegni ho sempre pochissime sere libere. Mi fa sempre piacere passare il venerdì insieme, ma la mia ragazza è un po' gelosa e vorrei dedicarle più tempo.”

December 1, 2017


If you add the article, "la", to the phrase, then I think it has to be a girlfriend.
With family members, the article is omitted (singular cases only), and daughter is "figlia".
Ragazza is more generic, like "a little girl" when you refer to a baby or a toddler.

la ragazza = the girl, or the baby girl
La mia ragazza = my girl (friend)
mia figlia = my daughter (never "la mia figlia")
le mie figlie = my daughters (never just "mie figlie")
le ragazze = the girls
le mie ragazze= my girl (friends)

December 1, 2017

I also believe that the translation, loosely, of your example reads:

These days I am with my sons. Between work and business (busy schedule) I always have too little free time. I always like to spend Fridays together, but my girfriend is a bit jealous and I would like to dedicate more time to her.

December 1, 2017

Yes, in colloquial speaking you could refer also to your daughter, especially if you want to underline that she isn't a child anymore...

December 1, 2017
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