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Language contest!

Watch out peeps! I’m gonna make a contest for fluent people only. Please leave your amazing response and also translate in your fav language!! There will be prizes and three winners. Please, don’t cheat. And good luck!!

December 1, 2017



I'm not fluent enough for this, but I dig you profile pic, my little pony is awesome!


um my little pony isn't THAT great…


My answer:

Bueno, yo soy hablante nativo de español y mi idioma favorito es el Inglés, aunque aquí en México es obligatorio aprenderlo, yo decidí aprenderlo. Estoy aprendiendo más idiomas y sin descuidar mi inglés, de hecho lo estoy mejorando, ya que los aprendo desde inglés y viceversa.

My translated answer into my favorite language:

Well, I am a Spanish native speakes, and my favorite language is English, although here in Mexico is obligatory to learn it, I dediced to learn it. I am learning more languages, and without neglecting my English, in fact I am improving, as I am learning them from English and vice versa.

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