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Why doesn't duolingo include the words tab anymore?

The words tab was very useful when I was learning spanish, why isn't it in Russian? Is there a reason why they didn't include that tab legally or did they just decided not to include it?

December 1, 2017



It's buggy anyways....

  • Either NEW words are not (always) added
  • strengthened words are not updated, as "last_practiced" is not correctly updated for the most cases
  • strengthen buttons don't poll for weak / difficult or ~1 year old words from your user database

And the best:
3-4 grammar skills are missing as they are not contained in the vocabulary stream, so all these learned words (from lessons/skills) can NOT be found in the words tab, ❤❤❤?!?


I can't be too sure myself but Duolingo probably has priorities and languages that they want to focus on the most. Because more people want an improve version of Spanish and French than Russian or Turkish.


Don't ask why something happens here....just accept it. :)

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