"It is total."

Translation:Este totală.

December 1, 2017

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What does the sentence "It is total" mean in English? I really have no idea! (English native speaker)


This could maybe follow the question, "Is the eclipse total or partial?" Answer: "It is total."


I'd love to know that too.


... and the devastation caused by the bombing? "It is total" said Andrew


totală = total - sounds feminine to me?? totalul = the total - sounds masculine to me?

Who can explain that, why isn't the total = totala?


I'm guessing "totală" is the adjective, and would therefore match the gender of the noun it describes, so "total" with a masculine noun, "totală" with a feminine noun. This sentence doesn't mention the noun, but I assume in conversation, it would follow a sentence that referred to a feminine noun, hence "totală". However, there is also the noun "a total", which is neuter, so masculine when singular. This would produce "Un total" - a total, and "totalul" - the total.


Terrible sentence. It's leaving context and would never be used without it.

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