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  5. I tested out of nine skills!


I tested out of nine skills!

with a little help from a translator...is that bad

December 1, 2017



Yes, you have cheated yourself a bit....

Q: Do you have ANY knowledge in German before?

As you have tested-out, the shown total words will be much less for all skill/lessons instead if you would have started with the first skill, lesson by lesson.

What do you gain?

You will IMHO better remember vocabulary and grammar if you do not test-out with up to 10 lessons (or you should know it previously).

.....like I did with the EN-SP placement test on the Android app with tapping:

Trying to find out how far I can get with my Portuguese knowledge.

But I was NOT using any translater, just thinking/guessing, trying to find familiar words, etc.
Can't do the "intro placement test" even on the web portal with typing....failed two times....mobile apps and tapping is "half-way cheating" :-)

But somehow it is still nice to see how much Spanish I understand (almost nothing) after learning Portuguese for one year :-)

Of course I would probably fail the most Spanish strengthen exercises, if not done on the Android app with tapping.
It may be even "fun" to try to do that for a while in parallel and learn a bit here and there Spanish; whereas it would IMHO make much more sense to me to at least rush through the Spanish tree lesson by lesson to have a better learning experience.


I don't think it is necessarily bad, but you are short cutting your own learning. You may want to go back and repeat some of the exercises you skipped and spot check your knowledge without using the translator. If it seems easy, then no big deal. If it seems like you're failing many of the skipped lessons, then just repeat them several times until you have better success. Remember, the main goal of Duolingo is to learn and to have fun. Don't worry about rushing just to get through. Take time to enjoy the wonderful challenge of learning a new language. Sich amüsieren!


Cheating is possible, so some will go that way. That does not matter here for you're only cheating yourself. This isn't the Olympics. Anyway, Duolingo will come back to you by repeating stuff you've supposedly learned. No damage done. Anyway, you didn't rob the bank, right?

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