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New Japanese Club Game Feature?

I noticed that in my club Duolingo asked a question then gave me a caption picture game. Is this a new feature for Japanese course? Has this happened to anyone else yet?


December 1, 2017



The lessons need more pictures like this.


Woo, coooool! Your image is the first i've seen of it.


You can do the following next time, something like this...

The format is:

![](Image link here)


We had this too happen in our club. I thought it was fun.


It's happening in all languages. The question they can ask varies though. In French a question was asked "D'oú habitez-vous et pourquoi apprendez-vous le français?" whereas Esperanto just asks "Where do you live and why are you learning Esperanto?" For the to-be-Esperantists out there, it should be "Kie vi loĝas kaj kial vi lernas esperanton?" Although in all other languages I study, they ask in their respective languages.


PS tell me when Italian and Greek are gone from my learning languages. I'm not learning them anymore; and I don't know if they apply to the statement above. (as a guess, Italian does and Greek doesn't)


It's happened to my club as well. I'd like Duolingo to do more of these, as I like translating.

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