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French Fluency Scale - What is the highest % attainable

Salut tout le monde,

I've been practicing French for a while but didn't hit higher than 43% in fluency. However, I have been consistently improving over the past 4 month all the way up to 70%. I am curious now what the highest possible percentage would be for French.


December 1, 2017



Fluency on Duolingo seems to be some sort of mix between how much you have completed and how many mistakes you make. As they add sentences your score can tick up. With all my buttons gold and 422 days completed I'm listed as 64% fluent. When I got curious about the same question long ago the answer seemed to be that (about) 65% was as high as your score would go. Obviously if you are at 70% that isn't the case (anymore).


An update a while ago started raising the flueny %'s .

I spent a year around 55-58% , then suddenly it started rising . With a lot less work. I'm around 70% now. I think I've seen as high as 75% .


I have been on Duolingo since August or so and have only hit 67%, but I have seen someone at 75%, I think he was learning English from French and had posted it in one of these discussions. If someone has reached a high fluency scale it would be good to know the strategies you used to arrive there!

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