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How many words are in a complete french tree?

Right now my "words" list is at 702, and I'm curious how many there are once the tree is complete! I know it's not super important, but I enjoy numbers. :)

December 1, 2017



the difference depends on the answers you give. You can add vocabulary by trying out different meanings to a same word. There are often many ways to translate a same sentence. Example: You have a pretty dress. Tu as une jolie robe, Vous avez une belle robe. And if you tested out of most of your tree you will end up with very low vocabulary like i have 1277 and my tree is done lolz


Je trouve ceci très intéressant.


Mine says 3004. I finished the tree a while ago, but continue daily practice. That may raise it beyond the number words that would be accumulated just by finishing the tree as Duolingo adds new phrases now and then.


Mine has 2618 ( I have finished the course). But it's still different than what this post says: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24527279

I don't quite know how the differences arise..


I have 3011 so far. I suspect there may be a few more, but my total doesn't change very often these days!


I only had ~870 words I skipped a few lessons doing the tests for the next lessons and I haven't practiced my french in the platform but on the forums.


I only have 2613 in my Eng-Fr tree , and I've completed level 25. I even have 37K XP . How am I missing 400 words?


That is odd - perhaps you have not tried some of the possible variations, sticking to what you know? I am at 2682, not a huge difference, but at lvl 19 I have a lot of repetition to go to where you are.

I am finding Memrise useful for just building out vocabulary.


Are you strengthening, re-doing lessons?
Have you tested-out anything incl. intro accessment test?


I just finished the French tree today and the word count is only 2085 words. Have not tested out from any of the lessons. I will definitely continue practising and hope to get some new words there.


I am at 2424 right now. When finishing the tree I had about 2300 but as I'm strengthening all the skills nog I still get some new words! So keep strengthening :)

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Note that every conjugation & form of a word can be counted as a separate "word."

For instance, "vert", "verte", "verts", and "vertes" are counted as 4 different words on my tree.

I also have "vais", "vas", "va", and "allez" counted as separate words. Apparently I've never had "allons" or "vont" in the Duolingo exercises, as they're not listed.

I'm at 2668 Words, but I'll guess I'll pick up more variations of the same words the more practice I do.

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