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"We are seeking girls for the theater."

Translation:Hledáme děvčata pro divadlo.

December 1, 2017



Why isn't "the theater" "to divadlo"?


That is quite unnatural and in this case I would use "to divadlo" only for "that theatre".


Is there any rule when we can use "the" in sentences? Or is it dependent on the noun e.g in this case divadlo


Czech demonstrative pronouns are not English "the". It is dependent on the type of sentence, possible context, you have to lesrn bby examples. It is notbsimple. Englsh articles are not simple either, I am still making mistakes in them and quite often.


In English it is possible to say either: We are seeking girls for theater, meaning the same as, We are seeking girls for the theater, and this is because even with the definite article, we could be talking about the theater in general and not a particular theater.

So I can understand leaving out the "to"/then theater in this case as it says the same thing, hiring for theater work in general. ValdaFu says it could be used to mean "that theater" so I think "this theater" is fine also. I must think about "to divadlo" for 'the theater' some more, though.


Acceptance of attributively used THIS (say, this car) for similarly used TEN/TA/TO (to auto) is not something we are prepared to do at this moment. Czech TENTO/TENHLE forms can be used almost everywhere the attributive THIS works in English, so this allows us to go for the slightly simplified mappings THIS-TENTO/TENHLE, THAT-TEN/TAMTEN/TAMHLETEN, and THE-TEN/0.

That last bit is really related the one of the main pain points in this course and learning between these two languages in general: Czech often using its infuriating word order where English makes the distinction using its infuriating articles. This means that beginning to intermediate learners have built-in resistance to accepting the other language's way of things.


Would holky change anything about the sentence?


No, there is no word that would be affected by the gender of the object in the sentence.

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