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"Is this rice?"


December 1, 2017



Do you really need 个 in this sentence?


I am native speaker but this 个 sounds weird to me.

If I am asking about a single grain, I would say 这 粒/颗 是米吗?Other forms, other classifiers but 个 is never an option.

If I am using a demonstrative way without specifying the quantity (as in the English sentence) , I would say 这是米吗?, 这些是米吗?


The issue is Duolingo hasn't taught any classifier other than the generic 個 so far.

They have taught 飯 tho, so they really should have used 米飯 to teach rice. :/


I've worked on the presumption that Mandarin make the same distinction that Cantonese makes of, 米 being raw husked uncooked rice, for 飯 being cooked rice, (and 禾 being unhusked rice) Because if it does there would be a difference between the two.


Hi Keith, what is the difference between 这是米吗 and 这些米吗? 这些 implies plural so it means 'Are these grains rice?'


这些米吗?is not good sentence. We need 是 in the middle.
这是米吗? and 这些是米吗?are basically the same. The different choices of demonstrative pronoun just refer to a single unit or a single category of things, versus multiple units/categories. The singular/plural concept here is only a contextual expression, and is not tied with the noun, as in English. If you see a single grain of rice, you should not use 这些; but if you see a pile of grains of the same type, you can use 这 (refering to a single type) or 这些 (referring to the number of grains). Conversely if you see several grains of different types, 这些 is more suitable.


个 is not necessary.


My answer wasn't correct apparently: 这个是不是米?


Duo does mark the sentence as correct without 个 (as of March 2020(. 这是米吗?


What is wrong with 這是米飯嗎?


Why not 这是米饭吗?


这个是米吗?- it might looks correct, however I think that the natives won't use it. Because there's a word 密码 that sounds similar to 米吗. I think that they will prefer an option 这是不是米? in this case. Well, if there are native speakers here - tell me if I guessed wrong. From my experience (I worked in China for couple years) chinese frequently use 是不是 construction for such cases, how I've heard


How about dropping 是? Would "这个米吗?" make a valid Chinese sentence?


That would mean "this rice?" As in, you're talking about rice and you want to specify which rice you're talking about

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