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How do lingots and gems relate?

How exactly do lingots and gems relate?

Specifically, it seems like if I wager 5 lingots for a 7-day streak in a web browser version then a 7-day streak wager existing is also created in the ios version. Only in the iOS version, it's 50 Gems.

So are gems and lingots 5:1? It doesn't seem like that or I'd have 2500 gems and I don't.

Similarly with streak freezes...

When I buy a streak freeze in the desktop, do I also get charged for that in gems on iOS? because later I'll see a streak freeze on iOS even though I didn't buy one there?

It's all very confusing and I wish it's all just go back to lingots.

December 1, 2017

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They're certainly not 5:1 - I have 20,337 lingots and 17,563 gems. The app and the website seem to operate as separate universes when it comes to currency, but as best I understand it a streak freeze purchased in one place will work on the other. Or is supposed to...

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