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  5. "미국은 대륙입니까?"

"미국은 대륙입니까?"

Translation:Is the United States a continent?

December 1, 2017



The English translation should read "Is the United States a continent?"

미국 refers to the United States. As most people know, while "America" is commonly used in English to refer to the U. S., that's confusing here, since it's also the name of the continents. In Korean, 미주 refers to the American continents.


USA does mean the the United States though. United States of America. Its fine.


America is a CONTINENT U.S is a country is pretty simple actually


Not so simple in English and in some other languages. "America" usually means the U.S., where North America and South America are considered two continents (the Americas). "Americans" almost always means people from the U.S., although "Native Americans" is a term used in the U.S. to refer to the various indigenous peoples of the Americas, especially the U.S. Even British people call the U.S. "America." People from Latin America often complain about how English is used outside of their own countries and are surely unaware that there are other languages that refer to the U.S. and its people as "America" and "American."


Well, America is two continents


Other than that, all this korean can be a little hard to remember


Whats kinda bothering its that the words choices offers "America" instead of USA but when you check the right answer its "is the USA a continent?" If someone ask me if America is a continent i ll say yes but if they asked me is usa is ill say no¯_('-')_/¯ (so both aswer are okay but they dont mean the same thing). But anyway 미국 is usa so , as long as you know that...


If someone asks you if "America" is a continent and you say yes, you'd be wrong. There is no continent called America. There's a continent called North America and a continent called South America. They're not the same continent.


Why is it right to say USA but not United States of America? It's what USA stands for. This is ridiculous. (I'm Canadian so I'm not upset because of national pride.)

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