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  5. "你几点睡觉?"


Translation:What time do you go to sleep?

December 2, 2017



The answer, "What time do you go to bed?" should also be acceptable.


I agree. "go to bed" is one of the suggested translations, yet the translation "What time do you go to bed" is marked wrong.


What time do you sleep isnt a very natural English phrase. "What time do you go to sleep?" makes more sense.


Yes but nobody asks that question because nobody knows what time they go to sleep and nobody goes to sleep at the same time every night anyway. What we would really ask in English is "what time do you go to bed?" Even though that is not a literal translation I think it should be accepted as the equivalent question in English. Reported.


The idiom, "To go to bed" is just as correct here.


Never heard of "what time do you sleep?", Should be "What time do you go to sleep" (had a limited word choice to make a sentence that would make sense in this excercise)


This review session is a disaster. I keep getting things wrong on very picky things. "What time do you fall asleep?" was not accepted.


Reported "What time do you go to bed" is the same meaning...


I think in general, if the correct idiomatic translation isn't available, you go for the closest literal translation. To be fair to Duolingo, its not easy to accept all the possible idiomatic variations.

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