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  5. "긴급 사태"

"긴급 사태"

Translation:Urgent situation

December 2, 2017



緊急狀態 : 긴급 상태 緊急事態 : 긴급 사태


What is the difference between 상태 and 사태? They both mean situation, don't they?


From Naver dictionary: 상태 = state, condition,, situation. 사태 = situation, state (of affairs), matter of affairs.

For example: 사태가 심각해지고 있다 = The matter is getting serious. 사태가 수습되고 있다. - the situation is settling down.

<pre> 상태를 말씀해 주세요.= Please explain your condition/status . 몸 상태는 어때요? - How's your physical condition? 상태는 아주 좋습니다 = In excellent condition. </pre>


Thanks, by the way, was the last part meant to be highlighted? It looks highlighted yellow for me.

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