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  5. "남자들은 자동차를 타고 출발한다."

"남자들은 자동차를 타고 출발한다."

Translation:The men depart by car.

December 2, 2017



남자들은 자동차로 출발하다 - would this sentence be correct?


Well, I can see it's more than four times more common:

"자동차로 출발" 27 200

"자동차를 타고 출발" 6 220

Also, I think "자동차를 타고 출발하다" sounds more like "get in their cars and depart."


The correct translation should be:

"The men leave taking the car." [Description of 2 connected actions which are simultaneous, but not necessarily dependent. cf. The connective adverb -고, and]

The men leave by car [Description of single action, "by car" is part of the action]

In English, the difference between the 2 expressions is quite subtle.

The men take the car and leave - The men bring the (specific) car with them when they leave.

The men leave by car - They leave in a (any) car.

If the same distinction is kept in Korean then,

남자들은 자동차로 출발한다 - The men leave by car


男子들은 自動車를 타고 出發한다.


男: male 子: noun suffix

自: self (as in "자기"(自記) ) 動: to move 車: vehicle

出: 한자 equivalent of 나다 (come out) 發: to leave


Would it also be correct to say, "The men depart by riding in a car?"


In my opinion, your answer is grammatically more accurate than DLG's. Whether DLG team agrees with me or not is another matter.


Thanks f(x) for teaching me 출발할게

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