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Latin and Greek

Is there any new information on the possibility for a Latin or Greek (ancient, not modern)?

Ancient languages are a bear to learn, and I duolingo has an unbeatable platform for getting the basics in a language down. I'm sure there are many folks out there who would be willing to contribute. It would be nice if there was both a Koine and Attic course. But seriously, I am just a beggar here.

December 2, 2017



no, no new plans, sadly. check out this


> Is there any new information on the possibility for a Latin of Greek (ancient, not modern) [course]?

Not that I am aware of. Over the last several years many people have posted that they've applied to develop at least a Latin course, but so far Duo does not seem to have taken them up on it.

Latin, Koine Greek and Attic Greek courses on Duo. Sure would be nice, but I don't think we should hold our breath, waiting. There are other resources online, especially for Latin. Using them to study surely would be quicker than waiting for Duolingo to initiate courses.


I also think there would never be made a distinction between Attic and Koinè. Yes, they have their differences, but someone who can read Attic, can read Koinè. The other way round will be more difficult.

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