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You have lost your wager!

I don't know about you, but I cannot stand getting that email :(
Oh well, better luck to me next time I guess :) You know, there is a whole lot more to having a streak than just having it for motivational purposes. I mean, sure it is a nice thing to show off to your friends and stuff, but as everything is in life, For every action there is a reaction. A streak is great for motivation but when I loose it, it does the complete opposite of motivation. So congrats to those who have streaks, and Good luck to those who have lost precious streaks :)

P.s Honestly, I don't know why I am posting this. I guess it's because I'm kinda sad right now, but I'm also happy right now. It's Friday night, lots of thing to do and not a lot of time to do them. Loosing a streak is a small thing right now, but it will be a killer pain when I come to do Duolingo tomorrow ;)
That's all, Спокоинои ночи.


December 2, 2017



Gregory, you're currently showing an 18 day streak. So, keep meeting your goal. It could be a glitch showing you that you've lost it. If so, don't lose it for real!

Meanwhile, make sure to check that Streak Freeze in the Lingot store.


Yeah, I was kinda cheating. I had a whole lot of work this week because the rodeo is tomorrow. I was just going on to buy streak freezes, but I guess that doesn't work because I just forget to buy the streak freeze.


Buy a streak freeze with your useless lingots which you inevitably have (I'll give you some if you don't). Then you can still lose your wager and keep your streak, if that matters to you.
Really, the streak should be a motivation inside you head, first and foremost; this is only a means to an end, as the real motivation is learning a language, which is too gargantuan a task to break up easily into daily segments. That other people should see your streak is really only a a destructive motivator in terms of your own goals.


Thanks for the advice. I'll try to do that especially since I do have a lot of lingots.
I know some people have a streak worth showing off, I by all means did not have one long enough. I was working on a streak not to show off, but to keep me coming back to do my studies. I used to not care about my streak, but then I saw how few things I was learning without it. It's kinda funny to see some people with streaks that were started right about when I started using duolingo. I mean, I know two people that have streaks around 110 days, and they started them right around when I started. (If only I had started one back then and kept it. that would make it easy to not forget)
P.s Your streak is awesome ;)


PS ok there is definitely some high latency going on right now which is causing weirdness. I just refreshed this and the lingots I donated and my comment disappeared. So, I refreshed again and at least the comment showed up. :P I'll try again with the lingots.


Yeah, I don't know why it didn't show that I just had nothing, I guess it must take a day to update it or something, because right now I have a 1 day streak. btw thanks a lot for the lingots :) I know I have a lot, but I am still trying to stay at 5000. I didn't want to go below that number because I know I will just start buying streak freezes everyday I am feeling a little lazy ;)


I dislike the message in the app that says, "You've lost your wager." I haven't missed a day so don't know what it's about but it's irksome.

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