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  5. "Aren't they hungry?"

"Aren't they hungry?"

Translation:Nemají hlad?

December 2, 2017



When someone gives a response in CZ newbies like me haven't a clue what is being discussed. I learn a lot from reading these comments - in English, though.


Those people are often EN newbies. Or discuss fine points that could confuse you (here the archaic nominative adjective forms we do not teach and the very rare adverb hlady).


what's wrong with "ony Nemají hlad"


The sentence "Ony/Oni nemají hlad?" should be accepted.


Just tried this and it didn't work


I can see your report. I do not like the wording too much. Much better is "Nemají ony hlad?". It is much closer to "Aren't they hungry?". But I have added it because we have already accepted a similar order with "být hladový".


Neuznalo mi to "Nejsou hlady" a nabídlo alternativu "nejsou hladovy?" :-)


Nejspíše by věta měla být uznána. Je to ve smyslu, zda netrpí (kp.) ve vězení hlady. Možná "Nejsou o hladu?" je srozumitelnější.


Nevím, zaprvé jo to dost řídké (není ani v PSJČ) a za druhé má dost specializovaný význam. Spíš by to mátlo lidi, kterým by to tohle navídlo jako variantu.


I put "Nemaji hlady" and Duolingo generously accepted it, giving me the benefit of the doubt, and merely commenting that I had a typo. But to be honest, I deliberately chose to add the "y" thinking that "they" being 3rd person plural, would require it based on the table in your tips section.

What am I missing, and could you give an example of when "hlady" would be used?

Thank you.


Consider "mají hlad" a unit. Much like "they" do not suffer from "hungers" in English, "hlad" is not pluralized in Czech either. The plural forms exist, but for this course they are entirely useless, so I deleted them from the tips.

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