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  5. "회사원은 회사가 나쁘다고 생각해요."

"회사원은 회사가 나쁘다고 생각해요."

Translation:The employee thinks the company is bad.

December 2, 2017



why not "office worker"


Yes. This is also commonly used in Korea for 회사원


Although I answered correctly, it took a while because, to me, a literal translation is "The company employee thinks bad." , which didn't make sense. After much thinking I translated the sentence to "The office worker thinks the company is bad." Am I wrong about the "literal translation"? Also, what does the the syllable "고" add in the sentence.


Hehe. It's all in the -다고. It allows for reported speech, or in this case, reported thoughts.

-다고 생각하다. The subject thinks...

-다고 말하디. The subject says...

Hope this helps.


I think they are getting businessman confused with salaried professional. But in this case 'businessman' not an employee but a company representative or 'warrior businessman' conducting business for the company


"The businessman thinks the company is bad" would also be correct. How can 회사원 mean both employer and employee. That makes no sense to me.


How can 회사원 mean employer and employee at the same time?


I don't think they mean both.

Naver tells me: employee, (salaried) worker, company staff[worker]


I think the better translation would be 'company worker' in this case or 'salaryman' (or woman). This is the usual meaning in korea and japan for 회사원 or かいしゃいん.

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