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  5. "나는 네가 잘 할 거라고 믿는다."

"나는 네가 거라고 믿는다."

Translation:I believe you will do well.

December 2, 2017



Why not 하겠다고?


I am so lost, how does this one work


In this section on informal, indirect quotes you need a special mental strategy to get to where you can translate these particular structures in your head, increasingly on the fly: Just after the topic particle through to the "(Ø)고" before the main verb, you have these indirect quotes nested into a larger complete sentence. Put that portion into a mental box with implied quotation marks. Let's look at what's inside the box first. 네가 잘 할 거라고 네가 - you 잘 - well 할 거 - will do 라고 - (informal) plain imperative indirect quote [that ... should] (technically: 라 - informal imperative morpheme 고 - indirect quote morpheme) ☆[that] you will(/should) do well☆ Put the pieces outside the box together in a natural way. 나는 - I 믿는다 - believe Plug in the box's contents. ★I believe ☆[that] you will do well☆★ ★나는 ☆네가 잘 할 거라고☆ 믿는다.★ Let me know how I could improve my comment for easier understanding or if I'm wrong about something factually.


Shouldn't you add "that"?


Both are correct. More often than not, with this meaning, "that" can be omitted in English.

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