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(Eastern) Cham


The Cham people are spread between Vietnam and Cambodia, however the Eastern Cham still use the (beautiful) Cham script where the Western Cham have changed to Arabic script


Cham people once had a mighty kingdom in Central and South Vietnam called Champa, and they built many amazing temples



I would very much like to learn Cham, and visit the places where they used to live and the places where many of them still live. I think that the Cham language would make a very welcome addition to Duolingo.

December 2, 2017


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It would be nice to have some more of these minority languages. But unfortunately, it might take a while - the Indonesian course (the only language on here that is related to Cham) is still in the works.


I endorse this because Austronesian languages are very similar to each other, so working through the basics of more commonly-spoken and 'privileged' languages like Indonesian and Tagalog would help us greatly to easily learn the other ones. And even start to learn Cham to prepare for Indonesian and Tagalog one day, as more marginal languages and dialects tend to also be more conservative and as a result offer a better basis.


most now live in cambodia

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