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  5. "Byl jsi to ty?"

"Byl jsi to ty?"

Translation:Was it you?

December 2, 2017



I think "were you it" should also be accepted, and I have reported it.


That would make the subject YOU, but I think that the subject is IT.


I think that, grammatically, the subject of the Czech sentence might be ty, going along with the second-person-singular verb. So I can understand why ion1122 would suggest "were you it" as a translation. However, that seems a little strange, outside the context of a game of "tag," and "Was it you" works much better on the English side.


I don't speak Czech (why else would I be here?) but the subject of the English sentence: Was it you? is, clearly, IT, which is why it requires "was" and not "were". I wish I could understand what the Czech sentence really means...


Honestly, I do not know, this is quite a special construction. I tried an online lexical analyzer and it indicates both "to" and "ty" as the subject of the sentence.


"Were it you" would only be used i very limited circumstances; e.g. "I was not strong enough to open the bottle; were it you it might have been opened". But even in that case I would be more inclined to say "if it were you"

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