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Speaking french...

Just wondering what kind of engine that understands my spoken french. I am learning french with english as my base language. I can say more or less what I want in french and still Duolingo understands what I am saying. It is even so I can say just gibberish words and Duolingo still says it is OK. How come...?

December 2, 2017



Accepting gibberish sounds like a bug to me, you should consider writing a report here: https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


I don't know any engines with a good voice recognition but there is some website where you can have chat with foreigners, like french. I'm following this topics in case of someone has a better answer


Thanks. Google Translate is fairly accurate but the Duolingo engine is, well... you can say, whatever you want and the answer is: Good job:) Valid for both iOS and android.


Im a native french speaker if you're looking for an exchange or something. I may help.


Many Thanks bit I am not there yet.


Voice recognition is lousy on duolingo - I turned it off very early on so my speaking suffered terribly as a result. Recently I gave it another try and thought that they had perhaps improved it - no such luck.

Try a free 2 week trial of this software: https://www.transparent.com/personal/transparent-language-online.html

All voice recordings are made with native speakers and it has an excellent speech recognition tool that gauges your accuracy and allows you to play it back. I particularly like the conversation exercises where you choose which character you would like to play. You speak their lines and, at the end, you can listen to the entire conversation played back. It has helped me enormously.

BTW the 2 week trial allows you to change between different languages (and there are a LOT) however the subscription locks you into your chosen language.

Bonne chance !

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