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Word strengths could be based on the success rate of remembering the word

I have been using Duolingo for a while now, I even completed the Spanish course, but then I lost interest in keeping my tree golden. I know there are so many things I still need to practice, but usually when I do, 80% of the times Duolingo makes me revisit words that I already know very well and only in 20% of the times I can practice words which are fading from my memory.

I have a suggestion to solve this problem, Duolingo already saves the strength for the words and I think that is only based on how long ago I practiced that word, but if it saved the success rate of the word as well, then I wouldn't have to practice well known words so often.

Note that Memrise already uses this technique and I think it works very well in their system. If I check the word strength there, I can check the success rate of the word and when the word will be practiced again (and that is based on the success rate.) Overall I think Doulingo works better for me and it would be nice to see this feature here.

December 2, 2017



Aye, notice the same things. Time is important doing something i already have a handle on when there are words I do not just not a good use of limited study time. Because of this, I see duolingo eventually being replaced in my spanish learning journey. Still I like duolingo format and I am learning so Ill call it less of a compliant and more of a future possible improvement.


80% of the times Duolingo makes me revisit words that I already know very well and only in 20% of the times I can practice words which are fading from my memory.

I solved this issue by using this method:


You need to figure out what three lessons you know the least in that skill, when getting it gold again. Extra step,

If the general strengthen gave you lessons with words you have been getting wrong from that skill it would automate the process.


The words tab / user database has it's bugs.

Duo does not seem to get the select algorithm right, what words are weak, as the "last practiced" column is not being updated, when you strengthen words.

If you check your list, many words are there with "not practiced for 1 year" or counted as dead (0 strength).

I have no idea if their "internal user database" and word decay and skill strength algorithms are more up to date than the mentioned words list; sorry, but I (must) have my doubts...

This is the reason that I manually choose my skills which I want to practice or re-do lessons in.


Good idea! Lingot worthy!! :)


This is a very good suggestion.

I welcome anything that encourages me to practise more, particularly when it comes to learning vocabulary and this would be useful.


Where do you see the success rate on Memrise? Do you need to be Pro for this web statistics?

It could be, that DuoLingo has already incorporated this into their algorithm. You can find out more on http://making.duolingo.com.

I definitely miss an IGNORE option or "Yes, I know (long-term), do not ask me another time" way to put those words onto a 2nd manual review stack.


No, you don't have to be pro on Memrise for that, but you can see it after reviewing those words. What you can see (next to every word in the course) is the time that Memrise waits before showing that word again.

An IGNORE option sounds good as well, but even those words that you know very well now will need some practice later. For example in Memrise I can have words which will be shown to me only 100 days later, because the last x times I succeeded in remembering it, but it will not disappear from my course for forever.


Are you using the user script "DuoLingo skills strength viewer"?


Do you mean the Words tab?

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