"Tomorrow is Thursday."


December 2, 2017

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Why not '明天是星期四'?


是 can sometimes be omitted in conversations. (I always suspect that everything in Duo is conversational.)
A: 明天星期几?
B: 明天星期四。

But I think 是 should not be omitted in writing.


Adding on to what Keith said, it's very odd and unusal to see someone omit 是 in writing like this.


Because it is not important when you speak, it also happens in Vietnamese


Dec 27, 2019 - and the Word Bank still does not have "是" as an option. I wish there was something said about this in the "Tips". Here is the Time Tips url: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/zs/Time-1/tips The Time Tips do give "What day is it?" examples. And all six examples do not contain "是". So at least it is consistent with the lessons. And if we follow the examples, we will get the correct answers. But, it would be nice to know if it is ok to use "是" in these Time lessons or not? I know Keith_APP said it would be ok. I would just like to get why if it is ok, why it is marked as incorrect in Time Lessons and if it is ok in speaking/writing in Chinese or not? I have tried to find the answer online - no luck yet, except that Google Translate does give 明天是星期四 as the translate for "Tomorrow is Thursday" which fits with what Keith_APP has said. If someone knows more about this topic, please let us non-Chinese speakers know.


In every previous instance in this module, 是 was in the suggested response. Why then was 明天是星期四 wrong this time?


Why is there no 是?


Same question.

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