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"I do not like borrowing money from friends."


December 2, 2017



友達からお金を借りるのが好きじゃないです。should be an acceptable answer too, yeah? 


Have they fixed this yet? I too thought 好きought to take が.


Still not accepted March 2020.


April... No luck


May 2020, still not accepted


Even though I knew to put the では within the sentence, I don't know why I'm putting it. Can someone please explain?


Did you do the very first lessons? (I'm asking cause you might have skipped them throught the test out thing) Do you remember "It is not such and such?" It is a dog, いぬです. It is not a dog, いぬではありません.

ではありません is the negation of です. That's how you negate na-adjectives such as 好き. The good old じゃない.


Ahh yeah. I know I needed to put it for a 'is not' statement but forgot why and thought it was just two separate particles


this confusion happens because they split it up in singular syllables, which they usually don't do. but that's a good thing 'cause then you learn more since you don't just pick pre-made words


So if you use 友達, you get it wrong.

If you use ともだち, you also get it wrong.

I need a break...


It's been updated now to accept 友達!


This is terribly wrong. If I use the "world puzzle" mode, some necessary words lack. If I proceed by typing from blank, it does not accept anything but a very fixed sentence.

And this is not the first time I come across with these kinds of problems. Having completed more than once the reverse course long before the Japanese from English course started, it makes very frustrating to finish this course. /rant over

By the way, I recommend to everyone on this course to start taking the reverse one (English from Japanese). Word and sentence structure is not that rigid and you will learn a whole lot of new vocabulary and more complex grammar.


thanks for the tip. however I do have to say I have never seen an instance where words were lacking in the word bank. sometimes they put syllables and you have to build the words by yourself


so borrowing is a subject here?


So are じゃありません and ではありません interchangeable?

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