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  5. "Do you have stamps?"

"Do you have stamps?"

Translation:Hast du Briefmarken?

December 2, 2017



Use of sie is also correct ^^


How did you want to use sie?

There's no translation of "Do you have stamps?" that uses (lowercase) sie.


Da steht "BriefEmarken " ;)


They got me there. Could be plural 2nd person or polite way


All three answers were the same Hast du Briefmarken, I selected one and it said I was wrong.


Can you provide a screenshot?

Check that the distractors were not non-words such as Briefemarken or Briefsmarken with an extra -e- or -s- in them.


How do you know if you need to add an "s" when combining words? Is there a general rule or something?


If you can read German, then have a look at the Wikipedia article Fugenlaut: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fugenlaut

Essentially, though: it's probably best just to learn compound words as single items rather than trying to derive some rule as to whether a sound gets added between the two and if so, which one (-e-, -n-, -s-, something else).

Sometimes, there are even multiple possibilities with different meanings: a Gasthaus is not the same thing as a Gästehaus, for example.

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