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"I have finished the school successfully."

Translation:Školu jsem skončil úspěšně.

December 2, 2017



'Školu jsem ukončil úspěšně' should be accepted, shouldn't it? ('my answer should be accepted'-report is disabled here)


This is what I would say in Czech.


Is there a reason why "skončil jsem školu ušpěšně" is not accepted?


You have two typos in 'ušpěšně': It starts with ' ú-s-pěšně... '


I'd just point out that "I have finished THE school successfully" is odd in English.

I could imagine it if, say, you were painting the school building and you finished painting it the way it should have been done. But a native speaker, at least in the US, would almost certainly say, "I have finished school successfully," when speaking about graduating or ending the school year successfully

I described the problem in the discussion of the "reverse" exercise a while back, but there was no Report button for a problem with the English sentence. I noticed there WAS a Report button in this direction, but clicked "Continue" too fast...


Why is wrong Já jsem úspěšně dokončil školu


"Jsem ukončil školu úspěšně". What is the difference between ukončil, skončil, dokončil?


There is only a subtle difference. I wouldn't worry now.

But your sentence does not follow the second position rule for "jsem".

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