Where do the adjectives go?

Dia Duit, fellow Irish learners! I was just wondering where an adjective would be placed in a sentence, seeing that an Irish sentence is in Verb-Subject-Object order. Help please?

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Predicative adjectives are typically found directly after the copula in a copular sentence, e.g. Is fuar é an lá! (“The day is cold!”), or after the subject in a non-copular sentence, e.g. Tá mo lámh fuar (“My hand is cold”).

Attributive adjectives usually follow nouns, e.g. lámh ghorm (“blue hand”, literally “hand blue”). Exceptions are possessives, most numerals, interrogatives, and the indefinites aon, cibé, gach, gach re, and uile when it means “every”.

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I had the same question. thanks!

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