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How do I remember the words I learned over the years?

I need some help with remembering the words I write and learn because I keep forgetting how to say them but still, I use headphones to hear what they say.

December 2, 2017



All I can say is practice them as much as you can, find native speakers to talk with and that will help immensely. There are various apps that allow you to talk with people around the world in their native language, such as HelloTalk and some others.


Start to read in your target language; you'll encounter many words again and again, strengthening them for you to remember.


When me and my sister started, we wrote the words down, that works but it takes a long time to write them all down.


Hi Bryan,

One help, write the words down. And for me it turned out that I can remember a word when I got a situation with the word in it. Films, lyrics, books.

So I would recommend listen to music in the language you want to learn, watch films as often as you can. Listen to the music and try to translate it (write the lyrics down). The more funny, sad, interesting or touching situations you have with words the better you can remember them.

Best regards Angel


Just pretend if you don't know how to pronounce it, give it your best "accent" ...(What you think it would sound like in the target language.) Look up children's shows on YouTube in that language, get audiobooks to listen to while humdrumming around, eventually your guesses will be pretty darned accurate..


Tiny Cards can be used to practice words in a specific category. Can drill words in the duo lesson you are working on if you want.

Beelinguapp has stories you can read and/or listen to.

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