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  5. "你们今天怎么样?"


Translation:How are you today?

December 2, 2017



In an attempt to find which shortcuts work, given the lack of an official "you (plural)" in the English language and not wanting to type out "you guys", I've found that although "y'all" is considered acceptable, "How y'all doing today" is not accepted, but "How're y'all doing today" is :D


Thats because that is only an American word, and if you extend it, "How y'all doing today" becomes "How you all doing today" This is wrong as it doesn't make grannatical sense, even though it might be slang However, "How're y'all doing today becomes "How are you all doing to day" This grammatically makes sense. Plus there is an English you (plural), it is "you all"


Originally, Old English had genders and had versions for pronouns that fell out of use.

"Thou" was used for singular and "You" was used for plural. An example of the use in singular would have been "Where art thou?" and now it is "Where are you?".

If you have ever heard any Willian Shakespear, no doubt you have heard of "Thou, Thy, Thee" before.


How surprising! I was actually just wondering if the你们 always referred to a plural you or if it was just for specific types of sentences. Thanks!


"How are you both doing today" Can someone explain why it's incorrect? Would really appreciate it.


们 after 你 can refer to more than two people


Thanks, I was about to post about this


exactly. ni men is plural, not singular..... something wrong here


No, "both" specifically means two in English. In order to mean both, you'd have to use dou 都, which means all or both.


"How are you guys going today?" was marked wrong, but that is a colloquial way of saying it in English, and accurate to the Chinese meaning.


That's very regional English to use "going". So using the more common "doing" is a better bet.


How are you guys going today? Doesnt sound right, maybe you ment... How are you guys "doing"* today???


@Judith - by train.


Let me get this straight. It is pronounced "yang", but if you say it fast it is pronounced "yah"?


Would this still be correct with the singular "you"? i.e. 你今天怎么样?


That sentence is grammatically correct. It's just that the meaning is different. :)


Does it matter when to use 你今天好吗? or 你今天怎么样? (for example- is one of them maybe only used if someone is sick?)


zen me yang, translates roughly to "how are things". A literal translation of ni jin tian hao ma would be you today good? (how are you today). It's two different ways of saying the same thing. In order to ask if someone is feeling well, you'd probably say something more like 你感觉怎么样?


I said ‘how are you individuals today’. I used ‘individuals to clarify that it says you plural not singular. I really wanted to say ‘how are all of you today’ but ‘all’ wasn’t an option.


I wrote "How are you feeling today?" and it wasn't accepted.


I wish it spoke slower becuase were learning how to speak it and dont ubderstand when it goes too fast


May I ask what does "怎么样" stand for in this question ?


怎 - how, 么 - "?" particle, 样 - shape/appearance. 怎么样 - how's shape, how's appearance, how are you looking ~ etc


I used feeling with one and got corrected to doing and i used doing on one and was corrected to feeling


I said “how are all you today” and it corrected me to “How are you all today.” Really, aren’t both acceptable?


How do you feel today, 不对吗


Its a difficult phrase to directly translate (as are many since Chinese is very contextual). I never thought of it as simply "how are you". For learners who don't have any immersion experience this is misleading.


My answer ‘how are they today’ wasn’t accepted, it was corrected to ‘how are you today’ for some reason


The correct translation is "how are you [guys] today?" because of the character "你" in the phrase "你们". "你" means "you" and the phrase "你们" can be translated as "you all", "you guys", or "you girls". To say "how are they today?", either the character "他" or "她" would've been used in place of "你", depending on the gender makeup of the people being asked about.


'they' would be 他们, 'you all' would make more sense, but it probably just wanted to emphasize 你 (ni, you) to you.


Mine was how are you today and was corrected how are you all today


们 makes it plural.


Wrong sentence has wrong meaning. Simple as that.


( 今天 ) = ( today )


I don't get what specifically 怎么样 means


@raphael - I'm just a learner myself; not a native speaker. Based on what I know, 怎么 means "how", and 怎么样 means "how is" or "how are" depending on context. e.g. How to say this = 这个怎么说, How is he = 他怎么样. As @sparkzi mentioned above, 样 = shape/appearance. So 怎么样 literally is "how appearance"? i.e. How is someone or something. That's what I think. Look forward to some expert native speaker's validation / correction.


"How are you today"? But it's "Ni men"?


It means how are you all today


"Y'all" would be more accurate, as it translates to a gender neutral you plural


I said "How are all you today?"


The question "你们今天怎么样?" Has an English translation that is incorrect. My answer was " how are they today?" And it was corrected to " how are you today?" Which is incorrect. "你们" means "they". "你" means "you".


们 is a plural suffix, so if 你 is "you" (second person singular), then 你们 must be "you (all)" (second person plural). "They" is 他们 for males/mixed gender and 她们 for females.


No, it means "you (plural)". Check the other comments here to compare

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