"How to do without a budget?"

Translation:Comment faire sans budget ?

December 2, 2017

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The Duolingo's English sentence "How to do without budget?" does not seem grammatically correct to me. "How is it done without a budget?" or "How are we doing this without a budget?" seems like a more appropriate translation. Am I missing something here? Perhaps someone with better mastery of both languages can chime in here.


In French "sans" doesn't require an article after it, but in English "budget" is always countable, so in the singular it requires an article or some other determiner. "sans" can be considered a determiner, but "without" isn't a determiner.


It seems the French use the word "budget" as we would use "funding" ... that is, without an article.


Amine: To do is equivalent to faire in French. BUT IN ENGLISH THIS SENTENCE IS GRAMMATICALLY INCORRECT. I am not yelling. I don't have any other way to emphasize this. I can't see the name of the person who asked the question first about whether this is proper English, but you are correct. This sentence is written in broken English and therefore should not be presented here.


Comment agir sans un budget? without context, I could not tell whether "do* meant "manage" or "act".


Well, in this context to do is generic, so it's equivalent to faire in French.


How is this done or completed without a budget, would be the better sentence. Or, how do you do this without a budget? Use something like this.


Comment se d├ębruiller sans un budget?

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