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  5. "我们的老板很麻烦。"


Translation:Our boss is annoying.

December 2, 2017



I feel this sentence has several issues. 麻烦 is closer to "troublesome" than "annoying", and "我们的老板给我们(添)很多麻烦" (Our boss makes a lot of trouble for us/gives us a lot of trouble) is much more natural of a sentence than directly using 麻烦 to describe someone.


Yes, so I take it as a very colloquial sentence, since, although 烦人 is the accurate phrase, I hear many people describing someone as 麻烦.


Right, I'd say both are possible. 麻烦 is troublesome, e.g. the person often comes to you with new demands. There's a more colloquial term with the same meaning in Beijing dialect: 事儿 ("我老板很事儿"). 烦人 is annoying, e.g. the person keeps talking to you about something you don't want to hear, and you find that very disturbing.


Our boss is troublesome.


troublesome or difficult are both better translations than annoying


I got this one wrong because my boss is forever annoying kitty cats.


I see "tricky" doesn't quite fit here. Unless your boss is J.R. Ewing.


Another meaning listed in the lesson is 'tricky', so it should either be accepted here, or deleted as a possible meaning.

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