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Resources for Intermediate to Advanced French learners

These are several things that I use for French on a daily basis:

1) Check out Français Authentique! there is also a free app with the same name. He does podcasts and videos on YouTube solely in French, he often explains common phrases in French and the difference between words that are similar as well as how to use them. https://www.francaisauthentique.com/cours-gratuit/?gclid=CjwKCAiAu4nRBRBKEiwANms5W1g7n6EUlN78ZGFKDRXrXUQiOR12pw3XvTH2OKSqVfJpOLzVggO6ShoCjl0QAvD_BwE https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQpM25U6iqaRSO-SZxd5oDw

2) I use Grammaire Progressive du Français to learn grammar as the entirety of the book is in French. There is no English. For me this is super helpful and the grammar points are explained very concisely. This can be found on Amazon but I am not sure how much it is, it can be pricey but it is definitely worth the cost. If you get it make sure to get Corrigés at the same level and made in the same year as the main book.

3) I changed the language on my phone to French. I highly suggest this if you are more advanced in any language and want to add to your vocabulary!

4) If you know and love Animal Crossing, try the new free App, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, in the language you are more advanced in. It is helpful for learning in a fun environment! (I am unsure of how many languages it has but I know it has French!)

5) Read books in French! https://www.thriftbooks.com/ They often have all levels of books in French at a pretty good price.

6) There is an app called HelloTalk where you can talk to people around the world! This can be used by all levels even complete beginners. Here Native speakers can correct you and help you learn. However, do be careful as some people will miscorrect. So find someone you trust in the language you are learning and ask them.

December 2, 2017



Thank you for posting this. I especially like your Animal Crossing app recommendation. Animal Crossing is very wonderful for advancing one's French because it helps one familiarize themselves with basic greetings and other phrases, amongst other things as well. While I don't have the new app, I have New Leaf on my 3ds and I often switch the language to French. Again, thank you!


Of course! ^^ I haven't switched my 3DS over to French, I should do that! I enjoy the new app but I hope they add more because right now there are only a few different types of fish and bugs so it can be a little monotonous. That and I hope they add events like there are in the game.


Thanks for leaving these resources. Here are three more that might be of interest.

  1. Learn French with Pascal- a YouTube channel that is suitable for intermediate learners. He shows things about French that you might not pick up elsewhere. An Example is the Future tense for etre. The French sometimes shorten it so it sounds different.

Je serai or Je s'rai - I will be Elle Sera or ey s'ra - she will be, etc. I guess it's a bit like, i'll be or she'll be in English. Sounding different from the formal version.

  1. TV5Monde - on the internet, not just showing news but also a 'learning French' section. There are short videos in French with exercises to test your comprehension. These are in a wide range of topics, Cookery, history, politics, film etc with different levels A1 - B2.

  2. One thing in a French day - A podcast with a French lady called Laetitia speaking about some event in French. Quite difficult to keep up for me.


Ah yes! Thank you for adding to it, these are also good sources ^^ I tend to pick up the slang from my French friends so I don't usually look for resources to help with those so thank you. The TV5Monde I will have to check out, that sounds awesome!

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    This is really helpful. Thank you. ❤


    No problem! Glad to be of assistance :)


    Thanks for the recommendations :)

    A couple resources I like to use : The youtube channel for Français avec pierre, they tend to cover grammar, pronunciation, and variety topics. Generally he makes videos with his wife these days regarding some concept. The videos are entirely in french, with french subtitles optional, the topics are usually pretty advanced there. Similar to Français Authantique (It looks like they are both first in the related channels list for each other)

    I also like to listen to some episodes of "Autour de la Question" from RFI, they have some topics on there that I am interested in fairly frequently, mainly science related topics.


    Ah merci beaucoup pour l'ajout à la liste ^_^

    [deactivated user]

      Merci pour les astuces. Qui ici veut joindre un club de Duolingo niveau avancé? On va jaser seulement en français et s'entraider à progresser en français?

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