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  5. "Oui, elle est jolie."

"Oui, elle est jolie."

Translation:Yes, she is pretty.

March 16, 2013



Why is "Yes, she is nice' wrong?


The FR "jolie" (f) or "joli" (m) may be translated as "nice" when talking about things like:

  • a nice house (une jolie maison)
  • a nice garden (un joli jardin)
  • a nice view (une jolie vue)
  • ça fait joli ce meuble dans ta chambre = that piece of furniture looks nice in your room
  • ce n'est pas joli (de faire) = it's not nice (to do)
  • c'était un joli coup de pied = that was a nice kick

When using "jolie" to describe a woman or girl, you would say "pretty". Note that "cute" is "mignonne" (f). "Belle" is beautiful.

If you want to say "she is nice", you are referring to her personality (kind, pleasant), not her face, i.e.,

  • Quelle fille sympa ! (informal) = What a nice girl!
  • Marie est très sympathique = Marie is very nice (meaning she is "kind").

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    Why thank you kind sir for your wonderful insight. It is much appreciated.


    So, cute is not pretty. A life lesson indeed


    The answer that Duo gave me was "IT is nice" is that correct?


    Hi Lisa,
    Yes it is - I have found that DL does give alternative correct answers if you almost get it right. If, for example, I put "She is nice" this can get corrected by DL to "It is nice" and if I put "It is pretty" DL can give a correct answer as "She is pretty". If you haven't seen it already have a look at n6zs post 1 year ago above for additional information that may be of benefit regarding the appropriate use and translation of joli/jolie. I found his post very helpful.


    Thank you :]


    this is the most useful thing i've seen all day


    Thank you so much, Master!


    because nice describes ones persnality not apperance?


    So if you say "it's a nice dress" it means that you like that dress' personality? ;D

    I also answered 'nice' and think it should have been accepted (I think in one of the previous sentences it accepted 'nice' as a translation of jolie). On the other hand maybe... I don't know. Maybe it's one of the quirks of French.


    I also used nice because DL gave it as a translation elsewhere, but it was not accepted and "cute" was their correction! I think "nice" should be accepted, unless a native speaker can tell me I am wrong.


    We can use "nice" in different ways in English: She's a nice girl. That was a nice kick. That lamp looks nice in your bedroom. The French "joli/jolie" also means different things depending on context. When talking about a person, it means he is good-looking or she is pretty. When talking about things, we would say "C'était un joli coup de pied" (that was a nice kick); it doesn't translate as "pretty". Context is a strong influence on how words serve different purposes in both languages.


    "Nice" means "(Of a person) good-natured; kind" according to the Oxford dictionary of English. When using the pronoun "she", you are talking about a person, not an object or concept.

    When talking about a dress, you'd say "it is nice", not "she is nice". "Yes, it is nice" is accepted.


    No, because "Nice" in english has dual meaning, both "pretty/appealing" and "aimiable," in french, they have two different words to describe nice and pretty and jolie specifically means "pretty." To describe something as "nice" in French is "sympathique" or similar. If, to a french person, you were to call an ugly old lady "jolie" because she is nice to you, that person would probably think you're nuts because they think you're calling her pretty.


    My answer, "yes she is nice", it said she is wrong, it should be "yes it is nice" why?


    Why the answer is "it" intead of "she"?


    I thought "OUI" is pronounce as "wii"?


    It's just a different accent similar to what you might hear in the southwest of France. It is normal.


    "Yes, she is nice" is considered wrong, which I can understand with describing things versus people, but WHY does it give me as correct translation: "Yes, it is nice." and not simply "Yes, she is pretty." as it's translated above?


    elle means "she"! Is it wrong?


    There's no way to know that "elle" can be "it" without knowing the subject.


    I wrote that ,but was corrected to "it" Why?


    It is because ...'It is nice' is an alternative correct answer when jolie is translated to nice. When using an alternative translation of jolie to pretty the subject becomes she not it ( see n6zs comment 1 year ago above ). I hope this helps :)


    I put in "she is hot" because i use the phrase "angelina 'joli' is pretty" to remember the word.


    "Yes, she is beautiful." I think my answer was similar to "Yes, she is pretty." !!!


    "Belle" = beautiful. "Jolie" = pretty.


    I couldn't hear the "elle est", is it that fast in real life?


    Well I have a problem here and I am confused. As many before me I translated the sentence "yes she is nice“ as it is the exact translation. I understand that there is no special pronoun for neuter in French but it cannot mean that I will translate all French pronouns as “it”, can it? In my language every person/thing/animal has its grammatical gender and even in English some things actually could be referred to as she/he e.g. countries or ships. So if in English I say “She is my ship. She is nice.” The translation to French would be “C’est mon bateau. Il est joli” but according to duolingo the translation back to English would be “It is my ship. It is nice”. Am I wrong? Given the abovementioned could please somebody explain why should elle(she) in this case (“oui, elle est jolie”) should be translated as it(il)?


    It seems many who have practiced this sentence have the issue of Duolingo correcting to say "Yes, it is pretty." I've reported it, but the reporting system has three bubbles to choose from. The closest answer is to claim the French sentence is wrong, even though--considering the subject of this discussion thread--the French is correct but the checking system is wrong. Anyway, I thought I'd put it out there since the reporting system doesn't give me reason to believe the checking system will be corrected.


    not everything is direct in french this is a good example, from what I have read from other responses to this question when describing how a woman or girl looks you would use describing words such as pretty etc, but in this specific case "joli" or "jolie" would be more appropriately used for describing objects rather than people therfor making it grammatically in correct in this sentence for "elle" to mean "she" allowing it to be substituted for "it".


    My answer "yes she is nice" was considered wrong, the answer given to be the right one was "yes, IT is nice". I can understand that my answer should have been "yes she is pretty" (like you say in the above) but that's not the same answer you gave earlier and I think , "she is nice" should be correct as well, shouldn't it?


    my translation "she is nice" is wrong because it's either "she is pretty" or "it is nice", correct?


    Jolie means pretty


    It can also mean nice - see n6zs posts above which I found very informative and helpful.


    it should be yes,she is pretty not it is pretty


    "Yes, she is fair" is wrong, yet fair is listed as a correct english translation for joli and jolie. Hm...


    We don't need every single English word that feels good as a synonym for "pretty". Let's learn some French!


    Can I say "tu est jolie"?


    you can say tu es jolie


    jolie is translated sometimes as "nice" or "lovely" exclusively, other times as "cute" and "pretty" exclusively. I think "lovely" doesn't qualify here at all, while "nice", "cute" and "pretty" are perfect synonyms to translate "jolie". A penny for your thoughts.


    How "joli/jolie" is translated depends a lot on context. When talking about a girl or woman, it means she is pretty. When talking about things, it may be translated as "nice". C'était un joli coup de pied (that was a nice kick) but "elle est très jolie" = she is very pretty. See my more detailed explanation above.


    The French have a word for cute??????????


    I'd say the closest translation is mignon/ne.


    When do i use joli and jolie ?


    "Joli" is the masculine form used to describe masculine-gender nouns. "Jolie" is the feminine form used to describe feminine-gender nouns.


    Why is he pronouncing it 'Oi ee' as opposed to 'wee'?

    Have I got this all wrong?


    It's just a different French accent. Not everyone in France sounds like the female bot-voice.


    Why is "Yes, she is beautiful" wrong?


    "Beau/Belle" = beautiful. Joli/Jolie = pretty.


    Why does every single question in duo have the word 'black'?


    Do you mean like in "Oui, elle est jolie"? When you advance into the area of the Past Subjunctive mood, you will be wishing for some sentences like "the cat is black". ;-)


    The lady's voice isn't clear enough


    what is wrong with using lovely?


    Yes, she is nice.


    so is joli masculine and jolie femanine or what?


    it can be a she or it. They should accept each answer


    I said "she" but the translation gave "it" and said I was wrong!


    i wrote yes she is nice and its telling me it is supossed to say yes it is nice!?!?!?


    I put "She is nice" and I was wrong, it's actually "It is nice". Can someone explain how this is incorrect.. I mean.. Elle=she... est jolie... so... ???


    Please, I have the same question. No quibble about joli/jolie but WHY does the DuoLingo correction say "Yes, IT is nice" and the "elle" and "she" are incorrect.

    Confused. ..


    See if my post above 2 weeks ago - I hope it helps you.


    I put "yes, she is nice," and it said the correction is, "yes, IT is nice." I think there is a mistake somewhere. Reading the comments I see why they don't want me to put down that "she is nice," but I don't see why it took an issue with "she" and wanted me to put "it"


    Se my post to Ellie above - hope it helps.


    That is what I said, but it wants Yes, it is pretty.


    I am talking about the subject. it says IT instead of SHE. why is this wrong? I really don't see this.


    Hi, does my post 2 weeks ago above help here ? - if not let me know and I'lll try to help before my wife tops up my rum and coke for the third time.


    why is 'yes she is nice ' corrected as wrong?


    Thank you N6zs , we owe you so much .


    Why is she is beautiful not accepted?


    Is 'she is beautiful' incorrect?


    Why Is 'she is beautiful' incorrect?


    How joli and jolie/chaud and chaude are used?

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