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When to use "On", and "Nous"?

So I just started the "pronouns" skill on the french tree, and It says that "On" can be used in place of "Nous" to mean we (among other usages). So On Mange = Nous Mangeons. So my question is, how do I know when I should Use On to refer to we instead of using nous

December 2, 2017



"On" has different meanings: - One or several indetermined persons, unknown people to the speaker - People in general - Everybody

"Nous" refers to Me+other people (can be more than one)

So technically Nous and on are different. Yet in the french language, French would use "on" and mean "nous", this is informal/familiar language, so this is when you could use "on" instead of "nous"


To sum it up, "on" is used in French speech and is what you will most commonly hear for the word "nous"


They're interchangeable but "on" has many more meanings. "On" is also kind of informal when used as "we." Use nous when trying to be formal

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