"Tembea kijijini"

Translation:Walk in the village

December 2, 2017

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Can this sentence mean both "walk in the village" and "walk to the village" ?


A location used with kutembea is generally the location, not the destination, so it's basically "Walk in the village."

To say "to", you can add the word kwenda:

Tembea kwenda kijijni. = Walk to the village.


Why are so many expressions here seemingly wrong ? A Kenyan friend of mine told me that sometimes one should use ongea instead of sema, kiasi instead of kidogo, that one shouldn't omit the ku- in kunywa, and many other things. Are the expressions that are being used here some sort of dialectical expressions different from standard Swahili? And which place speaks the so-called standard Swahili?


This course generally teaches Tanzanian Swahili, which, as I understand it, is considered more standard.

[deactivated user]

    If you substitute "Arusha" for "kijijini", tulitembea Arusha can only mean we walked around in Arusha, and if you wanted to say you walked to Arusha, you could say "tulitembea mpaka Arusha". If you were emphasizing the walking aspect, you could add/insert "kwa miguu"

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