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  5. "月亮很圆,月饼很甜。"


Translation:The moon is round, the mooncake is sweet.

December 2, 2017



Currently the audio incorrectly pronounces the first 很 with the second tone instead of the third (which made me think of 很远 – very far – instead of 很圆 – very round). (The pronunciation of the second 很 is correct.)


is this a chinese expression or something? it's so random.


I'm not sure it makes sense to say that a sentence associating mooncakes with the moon is random. That's like saying that a sentence associating Christmas cake with Christmas would be random.

月饼, or mooncakes, are eaten on or around 中秋節, which occurs at the time of the autumn full moon, and moon worship is part of the festival (which is of course why they're called mooncakes).

This is a silly rhyme that some people find fun to say at that time of year – presumably mostly children, or adults in entertaining children. (It may be regional.)


Not really, the common phrase “月圆人团圆” is reflected in the round mooncake.


I answered, the moon is round, mooncame is sweet. This answer is also correct


Yes, as long as you actually answered "mooncake" and not "mooncame".


I agree, since mooncake can be considered either countable or non-countable.


A comma or "and" should be interchangeable in the English translation


Actually, commas are for dependent clauses; semicolons are for independent clauses.

[deactivated user]

    I'm not sure how to report this, but for arranging the words in the correct sentence, I was only given one "The" in the word bank so no matter what my answer would be incorrect


    I would think that because "cake" can be uncountable, "mooncake" without the article should also be acceptable.


    This seems like an expression that I have never heard before. The correct answer is not proper English grammar. Please update this one.


    It's not an English saying, but it's okay grammatically.


    It is not an expression. Just random phrases.


    Abby191109: I answered, the moon is round, mooncake is sweet. It was marked incorrect.


    I wrote the exact words but there was a capital letter in moon and a space between moon and cake. This is getting a little ridiculous.


    Did you report it as a correct answer?


    月亮圆 月亮圆 月亮照在我的家...

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