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  5. "집중하십시오."


Translation:Please focus.

December 2, 2017



thanks duo really needed the reminder


So... 십시오 means please, rigth?


No, it's just the formally polite way to give an order. To formally say "please" you would say 주십시오


yes, when you're giving an order


I wish Duolingo included those in the lessons


I know this because one ARMY told Jimin to focus on colouring instead of looking at the comments


May I say "Be concentrated." ?


No. In English "I concentrate" means to focus attention on something. The verb is used like that for people: I concentrate, you concentrate, etc... In reference to an inanimate object, "to be concentrated" is a technical term for a high percentage of something within a representative mass - usually for chemicals - "This is a concentrated salt water solution." or like that.


yeah, but if I said my brother has been really concentrated on his studies lately, it could be used in that manner. also technically it does not have to be a high percentage, in chem we often talk about things in really low concentrations. (ex: this sodium chloride solution is concentrated at 0.00001M)


You're right about the chemistry bit, I'm sorry :-)

The usage of concentrate you suggested is a phrasal verb though, which is more complicated. I understood that Andrew-Lim was asking about the imperative mode - to instruct someone to concentrate on something - like I assume 집중하십시오 does in this lesson. In English, you would not say, "be concentrated" or "concentrate you", although someone could "be concentrated on" something. Hope that is more clear!

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