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Tips for learning German?

December 2, 2017



I've been learning German for maybe less than a year. I use duolingo, memrise and youtube videos. My biggest ,,problem'' is vocabulary! Just try to use it very often and try to watch german movies, listen to german muzic and try to understand the cases! Once you learn the cases you are AWSOME!

Viel gl├╝ck!


I can tell you the things that I did:

Duolingo Course - very motivating
Easy German Learning by Lucas Kern - nice story telling
Youtube videos - Learn German with Jenny - formal practice
Goethe Institute Textbooks and workbooks for different levels - textbooks
News in Slow German podcast - news with translation
Some pdf books download and vocabulary lists - different types of summary and word lists and grammar lists and expression lists

Not sure which of this helped but it was interesting so I kept going.

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