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  5. "그것은 그리 안 좋아요."

"그것은 그리 좋아요."

Translation:That is not so good.

December 2, 2017



"That thing is not that good" is it possible?


(1) What is the difference between 그리 and 별로?

(a) 그건 그리 안 좋아요 =

That is not that good

( -> not what the Speaker expects as 'good' ?)

(b) 그건 별로 안 좋아요 =

That is not so good

( -> Speaker acknowledges that it is not good but wishes to tone down the negativity of his statement? -> not good but acceptable ? )

(2) How to translate: This is so not good. ? 확실히 ?


but is that not more a "that is so not good" in the sense of "This is so bad!"?


Literally It means.

That is not that good.


wouldnt that is not very good be accepted?


(1) 그것은 그리 안 좋아요 = That is not as good as that = (coll.) That is not that good

=> 그리 is an abbreviation of 그렇게 (= like that), a comparative adverb

(2) 그것은 별로 안 좋아요 = That's not very good

=> 별로 (=very) degree adverb used as downtoner in negative sentences.

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