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One Year Streak on Duolingo

Hello! Today I just wanted to say that I now have a streak of 365 days on this website / app!

I remember starting last year, thinking I'd see how far I'd go. When I hit 50 days I thought it was incredible, and now I've reached my goal for this year of reaching ONE Year! ... I'll keep going though for as long as I can!!

I've been using Duolingo for about 3 years now and I've loved it ever since. Duolingo is one of my favorite resources out there for language learning. The highest streak I have gotten in the past was only 36 days. Which is a lot, however, NOW the bar has risen higher.

Anyway, yeah! Languages are amazing, and anyone who uses this website is incredible and I wish you all good luck with learning, and if you are reaching for any type of streak, whether it's a week or many years, good luck! ‚ô•

December 3, 2017


[deactivated user]


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    Fantastisch! Ich habe nur 156 Tage bis ich 1 Jahr erreiche. ;-)


    Félicitations! Et bonne continuation...


    That's incredible! Right now I'm just trying to stay dedicated for one week - if I can't manage to do it, then maybe Duolingo just won't be for me. I'm trying out different programs, but so far, Duolingo seems pretty good!


    Cool! Good luck :)


    What are some of the other programs you've tried?


    I tried Memrise, I think. It had some words I find offensive, so I stopped using it. This is only my second program.


    Give Memrise another try. You can block words you don't like, you know. Don't judge a book by it's cover or a language program by 'potty language'. Also, the courses can really differ in quality. Perhaps you just encountered a low quality course.

    How to block words: go to the course and to the level that contains the 'offensive vocab'. You should see a button called 'ignore'. Click on it and select the offensive vocab. Done? Scroll down and click the 'save' button. Repeat if needed. Enjoy your newly non-offensive course!


    Allow me to recommend Clozemaster and Mango. Clozemaster is the best for vocab I've found yet. Mango is great for speech practice. Duolingo is best for the all around basics (The foundation).


    Thanks! I'll try them alongside Duolingo, as they seem to do different things.


    Wow ~ Congrats!!!


    Great job BonBonChat! Keep up the good work!


    good job keeping that streak alive

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